Our Mission

To encourage interest and participation in, Mensa, and to diseminate, discuss and debate the science, scientific evidences, and philosophies of the Young Earth Creationist perspective, that is that:

The Universe, time, space, earth, and life was created with purpose, Ex Nihilo, by a Creator named by name as Jesus Christ (John 1:1-6), in a literal six days, roughly 6,000 years ago, as documented in the book of Genesis in the Holy Bible.
That there was a catastrophic, global flood (genesis 7:11), which submerged the entire planet and destroyed all life that breathes, except for a scarce few saved on board a very large boat better known as the "Ark" of Noah.
That stellar, planetary and biological macroevolution, as scientific theories, are based solely on blind faith and as such, these theories are scientifically invalid.

We intend to be an example that there are many intelligent people out there who have good intelligent reasons to believe these things.

Theories and evidences affirming or contradicting these premises are entertained, specifically for debate, in the spirit of encouraging free thought.  However, accountability for one's words and opinions is emphasized and even enforced.

Because the members are typically physically isolated from each other, extra effort is made to make its members feel a part of a community - a part of the SIG.
The internet is a crucial tool in fulfilling this goal.

We have the ICSSIG-net, there will be email newsletters with events and pertinent info for members as well as the odd complimentary publication mailed to you. We will sponsor on-line chats with Creation speakers from around the world, and events such as fossil digs or Creation exploration trips.  We're open to suggestions!


Voting and contributing members are a member of Mensa and agree with the statement of belief.  Only voting and contributing members can contribute to the publications of the SIG, such as the newsletter or brainiac files.

Supporting members are those who either are not a member of Mensa or cannot agree to the statement of belief.  These are individuals or groups who are interested in the SIG's events and publications and as such, receive copies of whatever the voting members receive, but cannot contribute to any of the publications (except by specific invitation).

Subscriptions are for those who are not a member of Mensa, or don't want to be a member of the SIG, or have an attitude of "I couldn't care less about Creation" to "Creationists are a wacked-out lot", but for some strange reason want to receive copies of our newsletters.

Please note that while this is an international SIG, the language of correspondance will be English.  Effort will be made to accomodate correspondence in other languages, but these resources are limited.  It is also hoped that the newsletters and other publications will have multi-lingual articles, in the spirit of internationality.

Membership fees: 
SIG membership (voting or supporting) currently is FREE.  Currently the prez will foot the bills until such time as the group has grown to an unmanagable (or unaffordable) size at which point the group will discuss where we're going and what it will cost.

SIG e-membership
(voting or supporting) is currently FREE.  Obviously you will need an active email address for this type of membership.

So how do I join?
You can start by emailing the prez  (that's Ian Juby, the founder of the SIG), and telling him what kind of membership or subscription you're interested in, and he'll fill you in on the details!